• Reviewed by: Klewis2010  on: 2016-09-30T22:10:13
    Your website doesn't show any allergiens that might be used to cook in this restaurant. Nor are there signs by the food that say anything is cooked with certain ingredients. My daughter had a severe reaction to your food and I would like to no is any peanut products are used in your food?
  • Reviewed by: info  on: 2016-05-29T17:25:24
    good food and great website! Please tell me how diesigned ite!
  • Reviewed by: nichols_donald  on: 2016-01-03T11:53:42
    Just went to your restaurant for lunch. The pepper steak was ICE COLD. I requested a medium rare steak and got a severely overcooked piece of shoe leather. I mentioned this to the young lady who offered no help other than to discount my experience by $1, which as a senior I should have received anyway. I will strongly recommend to others that they NOT eat at your establishment.
  • Reviewed by: saljudy  on: 2015-11-17T15:23:37
    Your site has a coupon link but there is NO COUPON available. Is this some kind of joke? Lousy business practices for a joint that wants to earn customers.
  • Reviewed by: Joe  on: 2015-08-05T19:15:59
    Are you hiring?
  • Reviewed by: cornhuskers2  on: 2015-02-05T19:12:00
    Allow service dogs and their owners in the restaurant and allow the to sit in the main dining area. How wrong of a restaurant to discriminate against others. You were called out on fb about the incident to a group of over 7000 moms from New Braunfels and the surrounding area. I have reposted the incident to my wall and will ask others to do the same.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2014-07-18T03:14:21
  • Reviewed by: andrew  on: 2014-07-03T16:42:10
    Increase your restaurant's sales
  • Reviewed by: Eg  on: 2014-05-06T15:05:09
    HelloIm looking for an email address where I can send pricing on a weekly basis.Thank you
  • Reviewed by: bradmhart  on: 2013-10-23T15:22:22
    Mr. Ye (?-forgive my spelling),My name is Brad. We spoke on the phone awhile back. I insure restaurants in central TX You're with Farmers and the renewal is this month. I'm an independent agent that knows the market very well. I can offer a great policy and save you money.512.228.6525
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